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About 1-on-1 training

Sports Performance Training vs. Personal Training
Sports performance training is training of the body and mind to prepare the athlete for the rigors of a specific sport. It differs from personal training in that the athlete is conditioned and prepared properly to compete in their sport of choice, rather than broader general fitness. Individual characteristics such as age, gender, and fitness level are combined with scientifically proven training methods and exercises to create a customized, sports specific workout plan that results in a more confident, motivated athlete.

Our Focus

The focus is to enhance the athlete’s performance in competition by developing a sport specific strength and conditioning program that improves the athlete’s overall athleticism – one’s strength, agility, speed, power, coordination, and balance as it relates to the sport in which they compete.

Each sport and each position requires a specific and unique style of training. Our advanced strength and conditioning programs are designed to enhance athletic performance for all ages, beginner to professional, and team player or individual sports through:

Injury Prevention

Minimizing injury with prudent risk management and proper bio-mechanical preparation


Emphasizing the relevance and correlation of each task from workout to field application


Establishing clear, attainable, and measurable goals for the individual through our Performance Evaluation

Performance Enhancement

Maximizing the physical and mental skills of the athlete.


Promoting camaraderie and team reliance through competitive drills


The athlete will train 1 on 1 with a performance coach.  All programs are based off the athletes sport, individual needs and assessment results.

The athlete can expect attention to detail while performing their program. We will coordinate the athlete’s training program with his/her coach/parent/instructor. We will physically prepare the athlete for the rigors of sport competition. Our goal is to give the athlete the best competitive advantage in their choice of sport by preparing them physically to give them the confidence that they will perform at peak levels during competition.  Our performance coaches can travel with elite athletes when necessary.

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