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What Is It?

Sports performance training is training designed specifically to increase performance and minimize injury for general sports performance as well as specialized sports performance. It is training designed specifically to improve an individuals performance within their sport. This means that their workouts adhere strictly to the principle of specificity: the body will adapt in direct relation to the stressors placed on it.

For Example

A golfer at full potential must possess the ability to rotate almost every joint to its functional capacity. If there are movement restrictions in the shoulder, torso, pelvis or hips, there will be compensation somewhere else in the musculoskeletal system. The result of such compensation is most often seen as faults in the golf swing.

The solution

A golfer who is involved in sports performance training will be performing exercises that mimic the movement patterns within his/her sport. They will be focusing on reaction, balance, agility, explosiveness, and high-intensity interval training. By modeling their training after the movements and demands of the sport, they will elicit adaptations that will directly carry over to competition. They will have confidence that the body will perform under competitive pressure.


Our Coaching Commitment to Our Athletes:

It is the duty of our coaches to prepare each athlete to perform and compete at his/her best. We are here to help them win games and championships. We will have a relationship with each athlete’s sports coach/parent that will be expressed in the design of our programs. We are here to help share the journey.  We will do whatever we can to help each athlete prepare for optimal performance when it matters most, on the field of competition.

Bottom Line: We are here to help our athletes physically prepare to win games and championships!

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